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 We offer programs within the following 4 broad categories:

Education & Training

-  Aries (alternative school)
-  Cedar Walk (alternative school)
-  Kinnections (mentorship)
-  Mentorship Program
-  NYLC - Native Youth Learning Centre (pre-employment)
-  OCM - Overly Creative Minds (music, arts, culture)
-  School Support Program (supporting Native students)

Personal Support

-  Aboriginal Outreach Team 
-  Aboriginal Transition Team 
-  Aboriginal Wellness Counsellor (mental health) 
-  Aboriginal Youth Worker 
-  Alcohol & Drug Counsellors 
-  Alcohol & Drug Counsellor at Britannia Community Centre 
-  Native Youth Health & Wellness Centre 
-  Mediation Program

Live-in Programs

-  Aboriginal Youth Safehouse (ASH) 
-  Ravens Lodge 
-  Young Bears Lodge 
-  Young Wolves Lodge

Sports & Recreation Program  

AYF Sports & Rec offers diverse short-term and ongoing programming

In addition to these programs, we also have many other workshops and projects throughout the year.  They include short-term (example: once a week for four weeks), periodic (example: once every three months), and special one-time projects on their own or as part of a program.  You can read about some of these activities by visiting our Special Projects page.  You can find out more about our upcoming, ongoing, and yearly activities by visiting our Calendar of Activities and you can also view some videos youth have been involved with by clicking here.

Although a lack of funding does not allow us many opportunities to offer programs that are only for females, young parents, or GLBTQ/Two-spirit youth, we work to make sure that all of our programs are welcoming as possible to all Indigenous youth.

Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

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