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Cedar Walk Program

Goals/Purpose of Program

Cedar Walk is an alternative educational day program for First Nations youth ages 16 to 18 years old.  Our program began in September 2005.

DrawingCedar Walk focuses is on working individually with students to help them in their academic or employment endeavours.  Students explore the pathways to graduation, or learn and experience vocational options.   We provide a respectful, safe, and culturally relevant environment which respects each student as an individual.  We are "always a place to come to.”

Cedar Walk has one teacher, a Coordinator and two Youth Workers.  We partner with local businesses and employers to provide work experiences, paid and unpaid, to First Nations high school students.

Program Activities

Students attend our school on East Broadway five mornings or afternoons per week. There are ten morning students and ten afternoon students.  Each student works on an Individual Education Plan to upgrade their core learning.  A nutritious hot lunch is provided, and physical activities including skating, weightlifting and gym sports that help contribute to healthy lifestyles.

Core subjects up to Grade 10 and beyond are offered to increase students’ literacy and numeracy, as well as to help them make the transition back to school or to the workplace.  For most students, the goal is to keep them in school and working toward adult graduation through the Native Education Centre, VSB Adult Education or the local colleges.  A vocational focus helps students learn pre-employment skills and gives them work experience.

In addition, Cedar Walk meets spiritual and cultural needs through arts and crafts, Native cultural enrichment, and frequent field trips and nature walks.  Referrals to alcohol and drug counselling and other support are provided.  Lifeskills, health information and other knowledge are provided in workshops, and every student is treated as a whole individual with mental, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects.

Cedar Walk has partnerships with many community agencies and resources including the Vancouver School Board who provides our teacher and food program.  Other community workers also support youth with their various needs.

How Youth Can Become Involved

At this time, only Native youth ages 13 – 18 years old who have an open file with MCFD may access this program. Youth can contact us first, but they must then contact MCFD for a formal referral in order to access this program.  Entry is through referral by Social Workers or Probation Officers to the Day Program Screening Committee. Upon intake, youth and staff together determine an appropriate learning program tailored to meet their individual needs.  Interested youth can call 604-708-9130 or ask their Ministry worker for help in applying.

Volunteer Opportunities

Due to the type of programming and concerns for youth safety, there are no volunteer opportunities for this program at this time.

Donations Needed

Cedar Walk appreciates donations of First Nations art and craft supplies, bus tickets, and gently used educational books for grade levels 8-12.

Program Funders

BC Ministry of Children & Family Development and the Vancouver School Board

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How to Contact Us:

c/o 1618 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1S6
Phone: 604-708-9130    
Fax: 604-708-9160


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