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Aboriginal Transition Team

The Transition Program provides non-judgmental, one-to-one support to Indigenous youth ages 16-18 years old who are involved with the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD).  

The Transition Teams works closely with youth to help them identify their needs and goals so that they can work towards successfully transitioning from MCFD supports to living independently beyond the age of 19. We focus on each youth’s unique strengths and support them to obtain the housing, employment, education, training, or tools necessary to become fully capable of living on their own.

Program Activities

-  Non-judgmental individual support

-  Assistance and advocacy with MCFD processes
-  Support in reconnecting with family and/or community
-  Crisis intervention
 as needed
-  Life skills training and support with health and wellness
-  Referrals and information on culturally relevant programs for Indigenous youth
-  Access to cultural teachings and Elders

How to get involved

Indigenous youth ages of 16–18 years old who have an open file with MCFD may access this program. Youth can contact us first to see if this program is right for them, and we can let them know how to receive a formal referral.

Donations Needed

We appreciate donations of the following items that can be given to youth:
-  Bus tickets
-  Food vouchers and gift cards
-  Recreation passes (movies, bowling, etc)

Depending on the type, size and value of the donation, UNYA may be able to provide a tax receipt. Please call the Program Manager at 604-254-7732 to discuss your possible donation.

Program Funders

BC Ministry of Children & Family Development

Aboriginal Transition Team Brochure (pdf)

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