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A & D Counsellor at Britannia Community Centre

The goals of this program are to provide support, referrals, and alcohol and drug prevention programming to Indigenous youth ages 13-24 years old who want to create positive change in their lives. The A & D Counsellor works to ensure that youth feel safe to talk about and explore issues related to alcohol and drug use, including learning about the effects and dependency on alcohol and drugs.

This program is delivered in partnership with the Britannia Community Centre.

Program Activities

  • Workshop on topics such as how to cope with various problems and issues that youth encounter in life, positive problem solving, and conflict resolution skills
  • Activities and workshops where youth can educate themselves and others
  • Information and referrals to community programs and services

How to get involved

Indigenous youth ages 13-24 years old and/or their families who are willing to work towards positive personal change to enhance youth's opportunities are encourages to contact us. Family and community members can also refer a youth to the A & D Counsellor. 

Program Funders

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

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