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Alcohol & Drug Counsellors

This program offers group alcohol and drug counselling sessions to Native youth (ages 13 - 24 years) throughout East Vancouver.  Individual sites are developed once youth have indicated a desire to have this resource in a specific East Vancouver area.  The groups are established in partnership with community organizations who contribute to the program by providing space for the meetings, helping to identify Native youth who can benefit by participating in the meetings, and by advertising the program.  The two A & D Counsellors also offer limited individual counselling.

The group counselling sessions will include:
  • Alcohol and drug awareness
  • Workshops facilitators
  • Life skills
  • Communications skills
  • Resource information and referrals
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Other information that youth think is important to help them to reduce or stop using alcohol and/or drugs






Program Funders

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Alcohol and Drug Counselling Program Brochure (pdf)

How to contact us:

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Phone: (604) 254-7732
Fax: (604) 254-7811

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