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Mediation Program

Goals / Purpose of Program

The main goal of the Mediation Program is to help empower Native youth to make positive change in their lives by offering them the support and resources needed to do so.  Our program is designed specifically for Native youth ages 13 – 18 years old. We work with youth, and others that they identify, to work towards positively resolving any conflicts or misunderstandings that they may be experiencing.

Our program is based on teaching youth good communication and problem solving skills that will help them to stay in or return home, remain in school or training, or positively interact with their peers, family, and friends.

Program Activities

Mediation is an opportunity for people involved in a disagreement or conflict to meet face-to-face in a safe and neutral place to find workable solutions to their problems before they become a crisis. Discussion is encouraged or facilitated by a trained mediator.

The mediator's role is to work with both people to identify the issues that may be leading to problems, reduce misunderstandings, make clear priorities for areas to work on, to safely identify the emotional impacts of the situation, find points of agreement, explore new areas that each person can give and take in, and negotiate an agreement that is fair to both people.

An important part of mediation is to teach the participants positive communication & problem solving skills that allow them to better accept, respect and interact with each other by looking at an issue from both sides and trying to find agreed upon ways to resolve a conflict or problem.

How Youth Can Become Involved

At this time only Native youth ages 13 – 18 years old who have an open file with MCFD may access this program. Youth can contact us first, but they must then contact MCFD for a formal referral in order to access this program.

Volunteer Opportunities

Due to the type of programming and concerns for youth safety, there are no volunteer opportunities for this program at this time.

Donations Needed

None at this time.


Program Funders

BC Ministry of Children & Family Development

Mediation Program Brochure (pdf)

How to contact us:

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