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Sports & Recreation

The Aboriginal Youth First Sports & Recreation Program (AYF) offers diverse sports and recreation activities that encourage Indigenous youth ages 11-24 years old in East Vancouver to be active, participate in skills training, make positive life choices, and develop their leadership skills.

Our focus is on developing programming based on youth input and removing barriers in order to support the participation of all Indigenous youth, particularly those who are not currently active. We strive to strengthen resiliencies amongst youth and to foster youth skills and leadership development. We work in collaboration with youth and many community partners to host sports and recreation activities, and encourage youth to access additional programs throughout the community.

AYF Sun Run

Program Activities

  • Helping youth develop and utilize their leadership skills, gain certifications, and focus on health and nutrition
  • Offering a good mix of programming to meet the needs of diverse Indigenous youth
  • Fostering partnerships with community organizations that provide as much free space, coaching, and sports activities as possible
  • Check out the Activities page here, and the current AYF calendar at our main office for information about the many different activities youth can take part in.

How to get involved

  •  We welcome Indigenous youth of all levels of skill and experience, so don’t be shy to come check out our programming
  • Those who are willing to follow basic guidelines to maintain a safe, positive, and healthy space for youth to participate
  • Those who want to learn with and from other Indigenous youth
  • We also welcome the participation of Elders and volunteers who would like to share their knowledge and/or skills with Indigenous youth. Some activities may include parents/guardians and other family members. 

Donations Needed

We gratefully accept donations of new sports and recreation equipment and gear for our youth participants. Please contact us to enquire which items would be particularly useful for current programming. Examples of items which would be helpful include:

  • New running shoes for our Walking / Running Club members
  • New winter jackets and gear suitable for cold weather, as well as equipment for our snowboarding program
  • Gift cards for sports equipment and clothing retailers
  • Bus tickets for youth participants

In the near future, we hope to post specific requests for individual youth who are on teams, in skills building camps, or training on their own in specific sports or recreational activities.

Depending on the size and value of the donation, UNYA may be able to provide a tax receipt for donations. Please call the Program Manager at 604-254-7732 to discuss your possible donation.

AYF Sports & Recreation Program Brochure (pdf)

Program Funders

BC Sport Participation Program (administered by ViaSport),  Aboriginal Health Initiatives Program (VCHA), and the N7 Fund (Nike). We've also received very generous donations from Hockey Helps the Homeless, and Tony and Julie Elwood and the Vancouver Police Foundation. 

AYF also relies heavily on in-kind contributions provided by UNYA and a wide range of community partners, as well as committed peer leaders and volunteers.

We continue to actively seek other sources of funding to support this dynamic, highly-successful program which provides such great opportunities for Native youth to be active, make healthy lifestyle choices, and develop/share their leadership skills.

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