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Video Gallery

Click on the links below to see videos that youth have been involved with, through UNYA.  We will continue to add new ones as youth develop them, so check back soon.  You can also see most of these videos on UNYA's Youtube Channel.

UNYA receives fantastic support from Astellas Medical Affairs.

Possible Paradise features a original song written and performed by young Native women, participants in UNYA's Sisterwork: Agents for Change Program in 2013.


Mother Warrior is a music video featuring an original song written and performed by Native youth, participants in UNYA's Sisterwork: Agents for Change Program in 2012.  The song tells the story of a young woman who overcomes violence to become a change-maker in her community.


Sisterwork: White Buffalo Calf Woman Teachings - honours the White Buffalo Calf Woman, and acknowledges the important roles that women play in sharing our cultural teachings, and strengthening our communities.


A Glimpse in a day of the UNYA Outreach Worker - a glimpse of the diverse locations and services the Outreach team provides to Aboriginal Youth in the Vancouver community.

Young Wolves Lodge on The Express - Jan 2011  (at the 1:00 minute mark).  Media coverage of the Young Wolves Lodge program.

Digital Witness Summer Video Camp - Overview of the 2010 UNYA Digital Witness Summer Film Camp in collaboration with W2 Community Media Arts Centre.  Youth directors talk briefly about their experiences and films. 

Photovoice Project - Jan 2010 - Native youth helped Robin Gray complete her masters project by taking part in conversations and photo taking to show how the Indian Residential School affects them today.

Voices - Billie Jeanne Sinclair talks to youth and an Elder about the importance of Indigenous culture and how to preserve it in modern times & urban spaces.


The Message - Allanah Brown hits the streets to find out how street performers feel about the new requirement for all street performers to have permits, which was not in place pre-Olympics.

Simple Man - this short dramatic mocu-documentary follows a young homeless individual as he survives a day on the harsh streets of Vancouver's downtown eastside, panhandling, and seeking a place to sleep for the night.

What Happened to Me - This short dramatic documentary follows a young woman's story, and how alcohol consumed her, and her family. The harsh results of a drinking binge are dramatized, woven through short interviews with people who have lost friends and family from alcohol-related incidents.

Residential Truth - A Reel Youth Production

Where Is The Love Claymation - A Reel Youth Production

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