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Native Youth Learning Centre


Goals / Purpose of Program  

NYLC 1The NYLC takes a pro-active approach to developing, delivering and referring youth to a wide range of educational and employment services. 

We strive to ensure that programming and supports are accessible and relevant to a diverse Native youth population in Vancouver - particularly in the Eastside, where many youth experience multiple socio-economic and systemic barriers.

The NYLC can be thought of as a "hub" for Native youth to access support programs and services through assisted internet access, faxing, free phone, resource books, group workshops, community announcements/postings board and referrals to organizations who can help meet their specific needs.  The NYLC nurtures a culturally sensitive environment, respecting and appreciating the different paths and backgrounds that Native youth have come from.  In a relaxed, social learning setting the Centre encourages self-determination and increases confidence to continue a lifelong learning process.  
Resources are available in 4 key areas:  life management skills, assisted computer applications, job search skills, and career development.  The NYLC is located at 1618 East Hastings Street, (within UNYA, across from the Friendship Centre) in East Vancouver.  Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 1:00pm - 8:00pm. 


Program Activities   

At the NYLC, Native youth are at the "hub” of accessing support programs and services through:

  • NYLC WorkshopAssisted internet access
  • Photocopying
  • Faxing
  • Postage
  • Courtesy phones
  • Career focused workshops
  • Resource library
  • Community announcements and job postings board
  • Referrals to organizations that can help meet the needs of the individual

How Youth Can Become Involved

Urban Native youth between the ages of 15 - 30 can drop by at any time to see what we have to offer.  Youth who will benefit most from the NYLC are:

  • Those who want to learn with and from other Native youth
  • Those who want to share their knowledge/skills with other Native youth
  • Those who are willing to follow basic guidelines to maintain a healthy, positive environment for learning


Volunteer Opportunties

We welcome volunteer tutors

Donations Needed

Our program would greatly benefit from donations of new computers, computer software, and other learning tools.

Program Funders

Aboriginal Community Career & Employment Services Society (ACCESS)
Native Youth Learning Centre Brochure (pdf)


How to contact us:

1618 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V5L 1S6
Phone: 604-254–5620

Fax: 604-254-5630


Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

1618 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1S6 Call: (604) 254-7732 Email: