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Overly Creative Minds (OCM)


 OCM Mural

Overly Creative Minds (OCM) offers arts and cultural programming for Indigenous youth ages 15-24 years old. Our goal is to encourage skills-building, leadership and community engagement amongst Indigenous youth, while celebrating, developing, and sharing their voices and perspectives through dynamic arts and culture programming. OCM offers youth a safe and welcoming space to explore cultural and creative activities that are important to them. The program offers hands-on learning opportunities and experience related to the professional arts, and fosters the development of specific knowledge and transferable skills to help youth develop their leadership abilities and encourage them to pursue their own educational, personal and career goals. 

Program Activities

  Lino print-making   IK Photo Mural   

  • One-time, weekly/ongoing, or time limited projects (ie: murals, music lessons)
  • Gain leadership skills and volunteer experience by facilitating workshops and mentoring other youth through their cultural and creative journeys
  • Explore your identity as an Indigenous person, and share that knowledge and pride with others as mentors and by sharing with other community members
  • OCM focuses encouraging youth’s cultural and artistic curiosity, and helping them to become confident representatives / ambassadors who present themselves and positive messaging about Indigenous youth to the community
  • Various cultural activities including talking circles, smudge, and other cultural activities

How Youth Can Become Involved

Drum-making workshop

Programming is offered after school, on weekends, and during school breaks. Generally, programming is available weekdays in the afternoons and evenings. OCM is open to Indigenous youth ages 15-24 years old who are willing to follow basic guidelines developed by youth themselves to create and keep a safe, positive, and healthy space for youth to explore their creativity and share their ideas and experiences.

Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome volunteers (especially Indigenous youth!) who are willing to facilitate and support a wide range of arts and cultural programming for Indigenous youth. If you are interested in participating in OCM as a volunteer, please contact us today.

Donations Needed

We appreciate donations of gently used guitars and other instruments that we may be teaching youth to use so that we have enough on-hand and/or can give to youth so they can continue their learning at home.

Depending on the type, size and value of the donation, UNYA may be able to provide a tax receipt. Please call the Program Manager at 604-254-7732 to discuss your possible donation.

Program Funders

Overly Creative Minds is funded through diverse donations and in-kind contributions from the Urban Native Youth Association, volunteers, and community partners.

Currently, OCM is hosting the Spectacular Professional Arts Resume Kick-Start (SPARK) Program. The SPARK Program is supported by the Youth Stream of the Urban Partnerships Program, which is funded by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and administered by the B.C. Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres.
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