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Ravens Lodge

Goals / Purpose of Program

The main goal of Ravens Lodge is to empower youth to make positive lifestyle choices to create positive change in their lives. We do this by providing safe environment, using culture as therapy, offering one to one support, offering cultural activities and ceremonies and making referrals to community resources.

We have five beds for female youth ages 11-15 years who in the care of Vancouver Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society (VACFSS).

We work with the youth on connecting them with their culture, life skills, health, keeping family ties strong (when appropriate) and much more. Our program also offers support to the youth and the potential foster homes to assist with a smooth transition.

Program Activities

  • 24 hour staffing

  • Safe and Judgement free environment

  • Youth transition support

  • Foster Parent transition support

  • Cultural Activities and Ceremonies

  • Recreational Activities

  • One to one support

  • "Conversations” Life skills programming

How Youth Can Become Involved

This program serves 11 -15 year old female Native youth in the care of Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society. Youth can only be referred to the program through VACFSS.

Volunteer Opportunities

Due to the type of programming and concerns for youth safety, there are no volunteer opportunities for this program at this time.

Donations Needed

We would be very grateful to accept donations for youth in our program. In particular, the following would be very useful for our programming:

  • Bus tickets
  • Unused toiletries
  • Food vouchers
Please call the Program Coordinator at the number below to discuss your possible donation. Depending on the type, size and value of the donation, UNYA may be able to provide a tax receipt for donations.


Program Funders

Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society (VACFSS)

Ravens Lodge Program brochure (pdf)


How to contact us:

Mailing Address:
1618 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 1S6
Phone: 604-254-7732
Fax: 604-254-7811

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1618 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1S6 Call: (604) 254-7732 Email: